Friday, December 23, 2005

Gathering of Ledang Year 1970 in Muar - Nov 2005

Tang Chin Neo and (can the person identify himself?)

Looks like outdoor?

Wondering what's the story?

From left to right: See Yok Jin, Kuan Lee Kam's wife

Kuan Lee Kam and Catherine Lim Pieu Chun

Wondering who's the girl in dark T-shirt who has

not grown up older like us.

Kuan Lee Kam and Karen Chee Mee Lan

Lim Sum Teck, Tee Ah Teng and See Yok Jin

Cannot keep on talking, must rest too.

Chia Yok Chan, Lim Sum Teck(talking about his

3 wives), Tee Ah Teng and See Yok Jin

Tang Chin Neo and Wife Yok Chan

Just wondering who are these laughing fellas!!!

Now we know, Kong Hein Nigh and Chou Kan Yin

laughing at themselves.


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